TEAS Filings

Draft and File TEAS Applications Quickly and Accurately

Branded for your firm or company, our intake form and questionnaire securely collect information about an application to make trademark registrations faster and easier than ever. Before sending, you can easily pre-populate a portion or all of the intake form. Then you’ll just select a client or colleague to send the intake questionnaire. You will be notified when your colleague/client both starts and completes the intake questionnaire. The best part is once you receive the questionnaire back and make any adjustments, our unique integration transfers the data directly to the TEAS application without the need to retype anything.

What our customers say:

An application that would take me 30-45 minutes now takes 10 minutes or less. Alt Legal has created dramatic efficiencies in what we do.
Brad RothschildFounder and PrincipalRothschild, LLC
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The intake service makes the registration process efficient. I like that I can transfer information directly to government forms with minimal opportunity for human error.
Derek Hawkins - trademark docketing customer
Derek HawkinsManaging AttorneyHawkins Law Offices
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The trademark intake form helps immensely. Not only does it save us hours each week, but it also gives me peace of mind that we aren’t missing anything that the client wants.
Pankaj Raval - trademark docketing customer
Pankaj RavalFounderCarbon Law Group, PC
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It’s freed me up to do what I’m best at, which is to develop business, build relationships, and manage projects.
Sonia Lakhany - trademark docketing customer
Sonia LakhanyFounderLakhany Law, PC
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