Smart Reports

Easily Create Customizable IP Docket Reports

Our automatic reporting emails you and your team reminders about upcoming deadlines and any changes to your filings that we detect. You’ll always know what is due and the most current status of your filings. You can also easily download portfolio reports in Excel or send updates to your clients and colleagues with one click.

What our customers say:

It makes communicating with my clients so clear and simple. My attorneys get official-looking emails informing them that a statutory deadline is coming up.
Susan SantanielloContract ParalegalPinto IP, LLC
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Getting an email every day has become the bread and butter of our practice. The emails say to us, 'Don't forget this!'
John Cook - trademark docketing customer
John CookAttorneyCommon Sense Counsel, LLP
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It's great to be able to switch back and forth between a general overview and a detailed view of just the information I need. A couple clicks will show me whatever I want to see.
Ed Timberlake - trademark docketing customer
Ed TimberlakeTimberlake LawFormer USPTO Trademark Examiner
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A couple of months ago, I got notice of a renewal that hadn't been logged on my personal calendars. Thanks to Alt Legal, I avoided a potential client relations problem.
Susan Chaires - trademark docketing customer
Susan ChairesOwner and AttorneyChaires & Associates
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With other software, I had to spend non-billable time trying to fix the reports. But Alt Legal's customizable reports are wonderful.
Amy Sullivan Cahill - trademark docketing customer
Amy Sullivan CahillOwner and AttorneyCahill IP, PLLC
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I really like the emails about docketing activity because I don’t have to log in to get the information about my portfolio.
Kristen Roberts - trademark docketing customer
Kristen RobertsFounder and Managing AttorneyTrestle Law
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