Automated IP Docketing

Our team of engineers, paralegals, and attorneys has created industry-leading algorithms that identify even the most granular changes to your USPTO filings and calculate your next filing deadlines without manual effort. Unlike others that unreliably scrape IP office websites, our close-knit integration with IP office databases allows us to programmatically retrieve accurate details about filings.

This is why our deadline accuracy is unmatched by competing solutions claiming to provide docketing automation: First, our docketing software connects to the USPTO and CIPO (and soon other jurisdictions) to retrieve all new filings and changes to existing filings. Next, we evaluate the entirety of the IP filing record and assess over 1,000 different signals to determine the status of each filing. Lastly, our IP software calculates statutory deadlines for you. We then repeat this process every night to capture the latest changes to your filings.

What our customers say:

I know that I save hours every month, but most importantly, I feel less stressed out about my docket. Because I’m using Alt Legal, I can finally sleep!
Suzann Moskowitz - trademark docketing customer
Suzann MoskowitzOwnerMoskowitz Firm
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I had assumed that I would have to move in all my trademarks. Instead, I just logged in, and everything was there. I was able to use it immediately.
David Schnider - trademark docketing customer
David SchniderPartnerNolan Heimann, LLP
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From day one, my clients’ trademark portfolios were in my firm’s docket, thanks to Alt Legal. It was not a difficult procedure at all; it was pretty seamless.
Scott Sisun - trademark docketing customer
Scott SisunFounderSisun Law
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Incorrectly inputting data, in my opinion, can be a real liability for the firm. This is why I really rely on Alt Legal to get my trademark deadlines right.
Bekah WalkerIP ParalegalGray Reed & McGraw LLP
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I know that the automation saves me minutes on each filing. Over the course of a single year, we aren’t even talking hours that Alt Legal saves me; we’re talking days!
Adriano Pacifici - trademark docketing customer
Adriano PacificiLead Trademark AttorneyTobler Law Firm
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