§2(d) Trademark Watch

Know about confusingly similar USPTO marks

When the USPTO determines that an application is confusingly similar to an existing registration or pending application, the examiner only notifies the applicant. This means that you may never learn that someone has applied for a confusingly similar trademark and face the risk of infringing goods and services entering the market.

Alt Legal’s §2(d) Trademark Watch notifies you via email when an USPTO examiner cites one of your trademarks in a Section 2(d) “likelihood of confusion” or “prior pending application” refusal. Your newly filed or updated trademarks are automatically monitored using your correspondent email, so there is no need to manually add filings or review spreadsheets full of irrelevant marks.

So that you can take immediate action, notify your clients or colleagues of potential infringement and quickly determine an opposition strategy, our daily emails provide direct links to the relevant office action, the confusingly similar application, and your cited matter in TSDR. We also provide weekly emails and monthly reports of all cited matters.

Rather than paying to monitor each of your trademarks separately, Alt Legal will monitor all of your USPTO trademarks for section 2(d) citations for a low monthly fee.

Combine Alt Legal’s §2(d) Trademark Watch and our award-winning docketing software to completely automate your USPTO trademark prosecution. Eliminate manual, tedious, non-billable work with our programmatic docketing of upcoming deadlines, notifications about status changes, calendar integration and more.

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